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Team Defence Information - Bulletin - January 2021

This news story has been archived

Team Defence Information - Bulletin - January 2021

Firstly, a Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to 2021. This month’s newsletter will be a slightly condensed version but there’s still a lot going on in the months ahead.

Defence Sustainability Conference – 19 and 20 January 2021

Thank you for supporting this year’s Defence Sustainability Conference which will showcase the extensive work currently underway across the MOD, Industry and Academia to optimise operational advantage and support the target of Net Zero 50 (NZ50).

Following the recent updated COVID guidance, TD-Info can confirm the Conference will still be going ahead; speakers will now be presenting from home using Microsoft Teams. The latest Agenda is available here.

The Conference is open to any organisation involved in the Defence community by registering here.

If you’ve already registered but not yet received your invitation for the Defence Sustainability Conference then please ensure you check your spam. If you still haven’t received this 7 days before the conference please contact Luca Leone. You will not be able to access the conference without your active account on Kahootz.


TD-Info and Industry partners will be hosting a series of informative webinars from 25 to 29 January on Digital Twin Implementation Awareness. The webinars will include presentations by speakers from across different industry sectors and nations, the Def Sp CIO, and senior leaders from our Industry partners.

The aim is to share non-MOD practices, discuss the ‘So What’ for the UK Defence Sector, and present the output of the collaborative Digital Twin Roadmap activity that was recently completed by the TD-Info Engineering Support Transformation User Forum (ESTUF) and included over 70 volunteers across industry and the MOD.

Further details of the Webinars and how to register is available here or by contacting Steve Green.


Recent Events A number of key Working Groups (WG) and notable events have recently taken place:

On 10 Dec 2020, Lieutenant General Richard Wardlaw OBE, Chief of Defence Logistics and Support (CDLS), launched the MOD Defence Support Strategy which is now available on the Gov website here. The virtual event was co-hosted by TD-Info, MOD Strategic Command, techUK and sponsored by Leidos. It included presentations by keynote speakers from across MOD Defence Digital, MOD DE&S, and the UK Defence Industry providing their different perspectives on the Strategy. The event was concluded by Damian Alexander CBE, Vice President and Managing Director for the Leidos UK Logistics Division, who provided the closing summary here.

The inaugural meeting of the TD-Info Sustainable Defence Support Sub Working Group (Sus DefSp SWG) was held on 8 Dec 2020. The Sus DefSp SWG is looking for ways to accelerate the journey towards a more sustainable, ethical, environmentally friendly and carbon neutral support function and invites you to submit ideas. If you interested in supporting this key initiative please submit a paper using the format here and return to Steve Green no later than 11 Jan 2021.


Simplified Technical English (STE) Training Courses - 22-25 February 2021 and 10-13 May 2021 - TD-Info will be running virtual STE Training Courses in Feb and May 2021; the training will be delivered in 4 sessions and is mandatory for engineers responsible for the preparation of company technical publications. For further information on STE and how to get register for the training please contact Ciaran Dodd.


Atlantic Council UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge - TD- Info is delighted to be supporting this year’s UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge which is an annual event designed to identify and foster the next generation of policy and strategy leaders for the cyber security challenges of the future. Entering its 9th year, the Challenge is the world’s only global cyber competition designed to tackle the cyber skills shortage through iterated crisis simulation and policy analysis. The Challenge is still looking for support from TD-Info Members in the form of prizes, speakers and subject matter experts. Further details are available here; if you would like to support the UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge please contact Luca Leone.


Publications and White Papers

The Combined Technical Documentation Working Group (CTDWG) published its second Newsletter at the end of Dec 2020 and is available to TD-Info members here.


Key Dates for January and February 2021 - Please check the TD-Info website Calendar here to confirm details and how to join as these are subject to change:

• 18 Jan - DEFStan 00-600 Working Group
• 19 to 20 Jan – Defence Sustainability Conference 2020 (Postponed from Nov 2020)
• 25 to 29 Jan – UK Defence Digital Twin Awareness Event
• 27 Jan – Team Defence Executive Meeting
• 28 Jan – UK Simplified Technical English (STE) Working Group
• 1 Feb – Industry Customer Engagement Forum (ICEF)
• 10 Feb - JISCOT
• 24 Feb – Team Defence Executive Meeting

Forthcoming Events - Non Team Defence-Info

• Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation (9 – 11 Feb 2021). TD-Info members can obtain 15% discount for this event organised by Defence iQ via the TD-Info website here (login required).


COVID-19 – TD-Info Remote Working

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, the TD-Info administrative staff continue to work remotely; postal mail is only collected periodically. With this in mind, please use email as primary form of correspondence should you need to contact our admin or finance department.



Added: 1st January 2021