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A Discussion with Dr Jon Hall, the new TD-Info Chair

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Babcock’s Managing Director of Technology, Jon Hall, is the new Chair of Team Defence Information, (TDI). TDI is responsible for uniting the UK’s defence industry to collaborate, develop and share best practice, support research into innovation and technology, and support the UK Government and MOD.

In this first podcast, Jon talks to Phil Williams, Managing Director of TDI, about how Babcock is adapting to working in different ways, the growing importance of technology and sustainability and what industry can do to attract and engage the next generation of engineers to their business.

Babcock is also actively engaged with TDI across a number of forums including the Joint Information Group, the Defence & Industry Support Chain Optimisation Group, and more recently, the newly established Sustainability Steering Group.

As well as being the Chair of TDI, Jon is part of the executive group in the Defence Suppliers’ Forum, a key conduit for MoD/industry relationships and shared objectives.

Jon joined Babcock in 2008 as MD of Technology and is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and holds a PhD from Bath University for research work in digital modelling and optimisation of integrated systems.

“Babcock likes to work in collaborative spaces and our partnership with TDI brings many elements of Babcock’s expertise together, from strategy to sustainability to engaging the next generation of engineers.

“We’ve learned to adapt and operate, very successfully and often in challenging situations, over the past few months and that just highlights why successful partnerships matter to us.”

Phil Williams welcomed Jon to his new role.

"I am delighted to welcome Dr Jon Hall as the Chairman of Team Defence Information. He brings with him a wealth of experience in the “Defence” world and his reputation for collaboration across the Industry partners plays well into the hand that TDI shares.

The past few months has seen the acceleration of the adoption of news ways of working and doing business and has only served to highlight the focus on data and its exploitation, a “digital backbone” that connects MOD and Industry and the need to embrace robust through life support strategies.

Given the above, I believe the role of TDI in helping to deliver UK defence capability is more relevant than ever and I trust the ensuing discussion will give some guidance on how this is to be achieved."

Babcock is the second largest supplier in the UK to the MOD, providing support to all three British Armed Services. Babcock also has an established presence in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and France and supports submarine programmes in South Korea and Spain. It is a core member of the UK Defence Growth Partnership.

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Added: 10th August 2020