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JIG-Vanguard team to host Farnborough Connect discussion on “Challenging the Status Quo”

JIG-Vanguard team to host Farnborough Connect discussion on “Challenging the Status Quo”

Team Defence Information JIG-Vanguard team (JIG-V) is to host the Farnborough Connect discussion on “Challenging the Status Quo”, the role played by new professionals in defence.

The TD-Info JIG-V team is a board of new professionals from across the MOD and industry committed to changing the status quo for defence, receiving its direction from the TD-Info Joint Information Group and reports through this group to the Defence Suppliers Forum.
The JIG-V has three guiding principles:
• Diversity of thought gives better solutions
• Broader engagement gives better coherence
• Better understanding of innovation means quicker adoption

In a first of its kind, this year’s Farnborough Connect will feature five days of high-quality content, collaboration, thought leadership and industry insight; connecting the global aerospace industry online. FIA Connect is a virtual programme of free-to-attend conferences, networking, and promotional opportunities.

The panel session will be hosted on Friday 24 July at 1425 and will hear from:

  • Luke Tennant. Management Consultant. Atkins.
  • Ben Eddy. IT Technical Graduate. Boeing Defence UK.
  • Joe Humphrey. Strategy and Product Mangement Support. Cobham.
  • Rachel Hutchison. Business Analyst. MBDA UK.
  • Sharon Odubade. Graduate Consultant. Atkins.
  • Jess Woodward, Data Scientist, Rolls Royce

To find out more and join the conversation, visit the FIA connect site here:

Added: 15th July 2020