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UK MOD Warehouse and Distribution Optimisation (WDO) Project

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UK MOD Warehouse and Distribution Optimisation (WDO) Project

Defence has a challenge. Of 13,000 buildings centrally identified as either being a warehouse or store, the vast majority are not quantified in terms of their potential space for storage or how that space is currently being utilised. Many of those 13,000 buildings are small outbuildings, vehicle bays or garages. There are, however, almost 730 that are over 1,000 sqm in size, presenting Defence with a huge opportunity to take a centralised command and control approach in coordinating the utilisation of such enormous capacity.

DE&S, through the Supply Chain Transformation Expansion (SCTX) programme, have commissioned the Warehousing and Distribution Optimisation (WDO) project to survey these 730 buildings across 141 sites to explore what solutions Industry might propose to provide a control tower style capability. Ultimately WDO, potentially with Industry partners, will deliver a capability for Defence to better understand its estate and coordinate its use. This will allow Defence to make better use of the buildings and ensure this capability can be used to the greatest advantage for the country in providing resilience to UK public sector and industry as we emerge from this crisis, learn the lessons, and ensure we are in a stronger position to face the next one.

To get involved please register here join the industry Engagement Day. 


Added: 9th July 2020