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CoDERM Update from DE&S

This news story has been archived

CoDERM Update from DE&S 




Defence Standards Update

Def Stan 00-045 - "Using Reliability Centred Maintenance to Manage Engineering Failures"

Part No: 1 - "Requirements for the application of Reliability Centred Maintenance" has been updated and is now published at issue 5. The update incorporates an additional process for the conduct of In Service Maintenance Optimisation (ISMO) which is as described in ASD S4000P Issue 2 Chap 3 and recognized as NATO best practice in STANREC 4795. It provides a structured methodology for the review and optimisation of an initially derived maintenance programme, based on the actual operational experience realised by the asset. This optimisation process can be applied to any maintenance programme no matter what RCM methodology was previously employed to derive the initial preventative maintenance tasks. The latest version of ASD S4000P can be found here

Def Stan 00-042 Part 3 - Reliability and Maintainability Assurance Activity: The R&M Case is currently undergoing review. We have received a significant number of comments from stakeholders with the first review meeting having taken place on Tuesday 19th May 2020. If you have not already submitted comments or wish to join the review panel then please contact Cathy Turner for more information.

STEM Futures

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) Futures is a scheme designed by a collaboration of partners across Government, Industry and Academia to build a talent programme to address skills and experience gaps in STEM disciplines across the Defence Enterprise. At the last CoDERM meeting we had a brief from Rod Foster from the DE&S Engineering Function on STEM Futures with a view to setting up a Reliability Hub.

I am very pleased to be able to report that the setting up of a Reliability Hub has been approved and that a first meeting of the Hub is being held on Monday 1st June 2020. A number of the Defence Contractors represented at CoDERM are already members of STEM Futures and I would encourage all of you to consider membership so that you can be part of the Reliability Hub and help to make it a success. A copy of the Reliability Hub Strategy is available for Team Defence members to view here

Health of Competence

As reported at the last CoDERM Meeting Sean McQuillan and I visited Loughborough University last November to brief the undergraduate and graduates on reliability from a customer and supplier perspective. I am pleased to report that since that visit, one of the audience has been successful in gaining a place on the MBDA Graduate scheme in a safety and reliability post. It is good to see our activity in this area is showing positive results. Sadly, our visit in May was cancelled due to Coronavirus, but I hope that we may be able to continue with this once things get back to something a bit more recognisable as normal. I would like to be able to extend this type of activity so if anyone has any suggestions for universities to visit and/or would like to be part of this activity then please let DE&S know.

R&M Activity in Service

As you will all be aware, R&M activity during the In Service phase is an area that has been identified as being less good within Defence, has been the topic of our recent R&M Seminars and was the focus of some work that has recently been completed for us through our Engineering Development Partner Contract. We are in the process of combining this latest information with work we have done previously, after which it will be launched via the Defence Intranet and KiD for use by Delivery Teams. If anyone is interested in seeing the latest information then please let us and know and, once it is released, we will provide you with access to it.

2020 Reliability and Maintenance Seminar

Given the current restrictions on movement and the continuing need for social distancing, it is looking very likely that this year’s R&M seminar, planned for Wednesday 30th September, will not be able to go ahead with an audience of 150 to 200 people in the CFB. We are currently working with our industry and Professional Body colleagues to investigate ways in which the seminar could be delivered ‘on line’ and will advise everyone of our intentions as soon as we have reached a conclusion. If you have any suggestions, or examples of good practice in this area, then please let us know by e-mailing Cathy Turner.

Safety & Reliability Society (SaRS): The Professional Body for Reliability Engineers

As a Fellow of SaRS, chair of SaRS Western Region and one of those who held engineering council registration through the previous SaRS agreement with the Society of Environmental Engineers (SEE), I am very pleased to report that the Engineering Council has awarded SaRS a licence to register both Chartered and Incorporated Engineers. This is a major milestone for SaRS, brought about by hard work and determination to give maximum benefit to its members. SaRS will continue to represented at CoDERM by Jo Hursell and for anyone working in the R&M discipline, I commend membership, which still offers many opportunities and now gives a route to Engineering Council registration.

Footnote from Nick Barnett

I hope that this newsletter shows that despite the current restrictions on movement, the need to maintain social distance, and the small size of the team brought about by recent departures, the R&M Team within DE&S continues to have a desire to improve the discipline and is doing everything possible to maintain some forward direction. 

For more information please email Nick Barnett, CoDERM DE&S Co-Chair here.


Added: 17th June 2020