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Standards: ISO sub-committee for Industrial Data ISO/TC184/SC4

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Standards: ISO sub-committee for Industrial Data ISO/TC184/SC4

The Joint Information Standards Co-ordination Team (JISCOT) operates under the auspices of the DISCOG and tracks the role of various standards in supporting collaboration between the MOD and industry. These standards include those from ISO/TC184/SC4, the ISO sub-committee for Industrial Data. The SC4 portfolio is extensive but contains STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data), PLCS (Product Life Cycle Support) and ISO 8000 (Data Quality).

For many years Howard Mason (BAE Systems) was Chair of SC4 (and just before he reduced his working hours in 2019; he was replaced by Kenny Swope from Boeing in the USA). The MOD and many other members of Team Defence Information (including Babcock International, Eurostep and Rolls-Royce) have participated in the work of the sub-committee in developing the standards over the years.

The new SC4 website explains the context and objectives of this portfolio of standards.

Team Defence Information members are encouraged to access this site to understand the potential benefit of these standards to enhance collaboration across the Defence Support Network.

Added: 23rd April 2020


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