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New Book: Managing Data Quality: A Practical Guide

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New Book: Managing Data Quality: A Practical Guide

Tim King is the Delivery Continuity Executive working with the TD-Info Task Force on behalf on the Defence Suppliers Forum. He also wears various other external hats alongside this responsibility, including having been the convenor since 2006 of a working group that has developed ISO 8000, the international standard for data quality.

Data quality has been a topic that has been subject to various activities under the auspices of Team Defence Information in the past, although plenty of questions remain unanswered as to how to make best practice more prevalent across and between individual organisations. One such activity was the Data Quality Assessment Tool (DQAT) that embodied some of the key principles within ISO 8000; Tim participated in refining the DQAT for use across Defence.

Along with his co-author Julian Schwarzenbach (Chairman of the BCS Data Management Specialist Group and with experience in various sectors beyond Defence), Tim has been able to create a further resource to encourage better understanding of effective solutions: a new book "Managing Data Quality: A Practical Guide". The publication date is 4 May and the details are already available on Amazon:

Watch out for information on some up-coming events where Tim and Julian will provide introductory highlights from the book.

Added: 13th April 2020


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