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Additive Manufacturing (AdM) Lunchtime Webinars - 4 days x 2 = 8 different sessions

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Additive Manufacturing (AdM) Lunchtime Webinars - 4 days x 2 = 8 different sessions

Download the flyer to read more about each of these Additive Manufacturing (AdM) Lunchtime Webinars and how to register &/or click on the links below.  NB: once you register or one, you will be on a list to receive emailed details for all 8 webinars; each one has unique joining instructions.  These webinars are open to TD-Info members and non-members.

Go to the first of these sessions. And here's the Flyer

Lt Col Dan Anders-Brown will provide a short update on the Army Capability Investigation including the Army procurement and plans for a metal additive print capability.

Creat3d have supplied the Army CI with their first Metal X printer, the Navy are also looking. to investigate with metals. Creat3d will provide an overview of the software, hardware and use cases that this technology will enable.

Jason Gilmore will provide a short presentation sharing Airbus’ Additive Manufacture journey in Space and Defence highlighting some of the key opportunities and pitfalls.

Glenalmond are a SME specialist provider of WAAM. They have been working closely with Airbus and Jamie Mincher will provide an overview of the technology and typical use case across sectors including Airbus developed parts up to TRL6 and a whole spacecraft chassis.

As part of a wide Programme of Work Dstl are investigating Additive Manufacture. Rebecca Mangham, as the Dstl project lead, will provide an update on the planned activities.

As the global pandemic has impacted on supply chains, innovations to keep the supply of goods flowing have been essential. Additive Manufacture is one technology that has proved a valuable mitigation tool. Ultimaker will provide insight into how the AM Community has responded to COVID-19 and Coronavirus resources. This will include current live humanitarian projects with both the French and the Dutch Armed Forces

Pam Rooney from Troika will provide an industry view of NATO accomplishments using in-field AdM and the potential to conduct a NATO Industry Advisory Group (NIAG) study to inform NATO of recommendations for standards and near-term key AdM decisions.

Leroy “Lee” Howell Commercial Manager Future Capability Group will provide a presentation highlighting some of the commercial and IPR challenges that they are looking to understand and address.

Added: 15th April 2020


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