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Acronym App for Defence produced by JIG-V

This news story has been archived

Acronym App for Defence produced by JIG-V

The Mobile Apps strand of the JIG-V launched their Acronym App, designed to support those of us who struggle remembering the vast amounts of acronyms - and ever-growing and changing, used in the defence industry.

Designed as part of the agile app development approach being used to enable fast deployment of mobile applications for the defence industry, the Acronym App is a browser based and can be accessed through most modern browsers. 

The app can be accessed here and is optimised for mobiles but works across platforms. There are plans for iterative development based on user experience and feedback.

This project was delivered by Josh and Beth, representatives for the JIG Vanguard, respectively from TD-Info members DXC Technology and Leonardo

Added: 9th April 2020