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Team Defence Information - Bulletin - April 2020

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Team Defence Information - Bulletin - April 2020

Team Defence-Information
Bulletin April 2020


Click here to download a pdf of the April 2020 TD-Info Monthly Bulletin

News digest & a look ahead to TD-Info Events

Please note all links provided are to our website at and many are accessible to members only. If you have not yet registered on our website, you will need to. To register please go to the top right-hand side of the home page, click on Register, complete the form and you will receive a Sign-In code in a welcome email, along with guidance on using the website. You may have to wait briefly for TD-Info staff to manually verify your application is bona fide. We avoid images in this bulletin as many defence-related organisations apply email filters that reject emails containing them.

Supporting Members using Online Activity as the (temporary) ‘New Normal’ In these challenging times, our thoughts are with our members, and the MOD especially, many of whom are involved directly &/or indirectly with top-priority activities in response to Covid-19. As with many organisations that can, we have moved to working online, continuing to support our member activities and adjusting what we prioritise to ensure its relevance at these times. For instance, we have advanced the issue of a paper about Online Meetings Best Practice and promoted awareness about the MOD’s new ISN about Remote Working with MOD Material (see below for more on both).

Other measures in this issue include holding a Virtual version of elements from our Defence Information event (postponed to 2021) and a call to run Webinars amongst the LOGNET sub working groups, with the first of these in Additive Manufacturing being held this week. To hear more about the DI20v sessions, including this week’s virtual workshop on Defence Digital Sustainability, please email Luca Leone. We look forward to sustaining TD-Info activities and are open to suggestions and support from members as we all make adjustments.

Industry Security Notice (ISN): Requirements for Remote Working with MOD Material This was issued on 27 March 2020. It states, “The typical requirements placed on the Defence Supply Base for protection of MOD material assume a situation where a majority of staff needing access are on premise, with remote working normally being handled on an exception basis…This clarification provides generic requirements for Remote Working with MOD Material. Obtain your copy HERE

Online Meetings Best Practice Draft Paper The Skype for Business project has accelerated creation of a User Guide for Online Meetings (solution agnostic and one of its project deliverables) in the light of the general need for increased online working. A notice about this - and link to the document - was emailed to members on 27 March. This paper will be updated iteratively as new information is identified - and members are invited to provide feedback. Download a copy HERE

Successful LOGNET Event Thanks again to all participants. Approximately 550 delegates booked to attend LOGNET over two days (12 & 13 March). With unfolding news on Covid-19 at that time, actual numbers were understandably down at around 350, with approx 40 exhibitors. In closing remarks to LOGNET, and in response to questions on how Industry can engage, Capt Damian Exworthy, RN (Def Log-Strat-CFD-AH) asked that enquiries relating to future engagement and involvement in supporting MOD/Industry joint sub-working groups and transformational activities should be via TD-Info: please contact Steve Green via his TD-Info email address or his MOD email address as the Defence Support Engagement Lead 

LOGNET - When will presentations be available? Please be patient given the current circumstances with regard to Covid-19. MOD are in progress with a process to gain permissions from presenters at LOGNET to share content: slide decks, audio and transcripts of audio. MOD will forward these to TD-Info as they come available and we will promptly add them to our website under the LOGNET Event page (i.e. a ‘drip-feed' of content). For more information on the LOGNET event contact Kevin Atkins  More…

DI20v: Virtual Defence Information Sessions to be held during April We will be posting details about virtual (i.e. online) versions of some of the sessions such as Workshops that were scheduled for our Defence Information 20 Event. These will run over several sessions online. More details of how to contribute from Luca Leone. NB: DI is postponed to 2021 – We will back in “Steam” on the 24th / 25th Mar 2021.

The TD-Info 2020 Excellence Awards & 2020 Innovation Challenge – We regret to say that these awards are not being progressed as DI20 has been postponed to 2021. Thank you to those who made submissions. 

Winner of 2020 Defence Sustainability Challenge Congratulations to Luke Harrison, Environmental Consultant with BMT, who is the overall winner of the TD-Info 2020 Sustainability Challenge - “Delivering digitally-enabled and integrated support without costing the Earth”, sponsored by TD-Info member Harmonic and coordinated by TD-Info's JIG-V community. More…

About Defence Digital – the MOD Explains along with new Org Chart (March 2020) We publish information from the MOD about the rebranding of Information Systems and Services (ISS) to Defence Digital : Service Delivery and Operations (SDO). It brings together the various directorates under Defence’s Chief Information Officer, Charlie Forte. See also the latest ‘Who’s Who’ in Defence Digital from March organisation chart. More

Forecasting & Requirements Planning (F&RP) Working Group: 1st meeting At the LOGNET Event (12 & 13 March), Lt Gen Richard Wardlaw and AVM Richard Hill announced MOD’s intention to collaborate more closely with industry on forecasting and planning activities. TD-Info convened an inaugural F&RP meeting on 26th March. Learn about future F&RP meetings and how to get involved HERE.

Monthly Defence Digital Commercial Marketplace Digest – March 2020 Available This news digest is produced by the MOD’s Defence Digital Commercial Continuous Improvement Team, for MOD ‘customers’ including Industry via TD-Info. In this edition the Software section includes a news item titled “"Before automation comes to the battlefield, it will come to the back office”. Download the March Commercial Marketplace Digest

Call to host Webinars re LOGNET Sub-working Groups In the areas of AI, Robotics, Autonomy and Additive Manufacture, TD-Info are interested in hearing from companies interested in hosting a short (30 minute) webinar. Please contact Steve Green, facilitator for LOGNET Sub-working Groups that cover these areas. The first webinar is mentioned below

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Webinar – TD-Info has organised for Measurement Solutions (an exhibitor at the recent LOGNET event) to provide an online demonstration of their SmartDENT NDT software on Wednesday 1 April. This aligns with some MOD-sponsored work on Structural Integrity recording that also involves TD-Info members tlmNEXUS and Leonardo. More details will be provided via email to the Additive Manufacture (AdM) sub working group or you can contact for the link to this webinar.

Please assist with Survey for Engineering Support Transformation (EST) As part of the ESTUF community, the EST team invites TD-Info members to contribute to a short (5 mins) survey where your contributions will help inform and support the business case that is in preparation. It involves giving a rating for 11 themes, scoring for each your organisation’s capability to support Front Line Commands (FLCs) and Delivery Agents to achieve benefits. More

Welcome to new members We are pleased to welcome Creat3d Ltd and Prolinx as new TD-Info members.

Please support online Survey on Retention of Staff (relatively recent joiners) working in Defence - As part of a piece of working looking at Skills and Retention, the JIG-V would like to understand the drivers for people coming into the defence industry including what they like and dislike, and what might cause them to leave. More

COVID Support Force: the MOD’s contribution to the coronavirus response – We acknowledge and praise the MOD’s contributions and provide a link to read the latest news about this on the website.

A ‘How Not To’ Guide to Online Meetings – A much-viewed, funny short video titled “A Conference Call in Real Life” is the ‘how not to’ of online meetings; view on YouTube or there’s a version (enterprisingly adapted as an advert for Zoom) at


TD-Info Calendar for April 2020 (check website Calendar for details of how to join online sessions; list subject to additions and change)

• 1 Apr – DI20v: virtual workshop on Defence Digital Sustainability Online only
• 1 Apr - Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Webinar Online only
• 2 Apr - 29th Joint Obsolescent Management Working Group (JOMWG) Cancelled
• 9 Apr – Joint Information Group (JIG) Town Hall Meeting Online only
• 15-17 Apr - Simplified Technical English Course Cancelled
• 16 Apr - DISCOG Engagement Group Online only
21-22 Apr - Non-TD-Info Event: Cyber Symposium at Defence Academy Postponed to October
• 23 Apr - Additive Manufacture Sub Working Group Online only
• 27 Apr - Industry Customers Engagement Forum (ICEF) Online only

Documents recently published or updated on our website include:
• Virtual Meetings TD-Info Best Practice Ways of Working
• MOD Industry Security Notice: Requirements for Remote Working with MOD Material
• Call for papers 9th International Conference on Through-life Engineering Services (TES Conf 2020)
• Defence Digital Structure (High-level Org Chart) - March 2020
• LOGNET Event Programme_12&13 March 2020 - Version used at Event
• Defence Standard 00-601 MOD Business Rules Contracting for Technical Docs 05032020 PA
• Community of Practice Report to the SCSE WG - 05032020
• TD-Info Council – various documents
• Membership Benefits with Team Defence March 2020
• Defence Information 2020 - DI20 Flyer
• Def Support RAS – various documents e.g. Concept Note and ToRs
• ICEF 9 March 2020 Agenda
• March 2020 - Defence Digital Commercial Marketplace Digest
• CTDWG Meeting – various documents
• Skype for Business Federation 19th March Workshop Pack
• About Defence Digital - MOD rebrand of ISS
• JIG Strategy Board - 17th March various documents
• Additive Manufacturing Newsletter Vol Iss2
• SCSEWG Camcode Brief - 05032020
• DEFStan 00-600 Report to SCSE WG - 05032020
• Supportability Modelling & Analysis WG Meeting - 10032020
• dstl - Policy and Capability Enterprise Support Programme
• ICEF Risk Register

Where can I find these and other recent documents? Use the Search function (find this at the top right of the Home screen) which only appears after you have Signed-In. To find all the documents published on our website from, say, March 1st 2020 to now, edit the search parameters to your needs. In this case, edit the date Added On/After to 1 March 2020 and the Added On/Before to today’s date.

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