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Industry Security Notice: Requirements for Remote Working with MOD Material

This news story has been archived

Industry Security Notice: Requirements for Remote Working with MOD Material

Download the Clarification on requirements for remote working with MOD material from the Industry Security Notice (ISN) website.

Also, download of ths ISN available on the TD-Info website HERE

Extracts state: 


1. The UK Defence Supply Base processes a significant amount of MOD material at the OFFICIAL classification level.

2. This ISN provides clarification in respect of how to work on such material when working remotely, for instance when dealing with COVID-19 travel restrictions.


3. The typical requirements placed on the Defence Supply Base for protection of MOD material assume a situation where a majority of staff needing access are on premise, with remote working normally being handled on an exception basis.

4. This clarification provides generic requirements for Remote Working with MOD Material.

Action by Industry

5. Members of the UK Defence Supply Base needing to support Remote Working shall follow the additional stipulations below, in respect of:

• Remote Working Practices
• Discussion of MOD Information
• Securing MOD Information
• Physical Site Security
• Security Breaches


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Added: 27th March 2020


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