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Winner of 2020 Sustainability Challenge - Presentation at LOGNET Event

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Winner of 2020 Sustainability Challenge - Presentation at LOGNET Event

Read our previous news item about the Sustainability Challenge: - "Delivering digitally-enabled and integrated support without costing the Earth".

Congratulations to Luke Harrison, Environmental Consultant with BMT, who is the overall winner of the TD-Info 2020 Sustainability Challenge, sponsored by TD-Info member Harmonic and coordinated by TD-Info's JIG-V community.

Luke was part of a series of pitches taking place at the LOGNET Event on the 12th of March. The judging panel was made up of eight senior defence representatives lead by the Chief of Defence Logistics and Support (CDLS) at Strategic Command, Lieutenant General Richard Wardlaw. Following 11 different pitches ranging from hybridisation of vehicles, AI enabled digital twin technologies all the way to advanced carbon capture, Luke was selected as the most promising proposal.

Luke's proposal focused on the application of a Build With Lego concept, an idea that engineers a circular economy approach into equipment aquisition. 

Luke is shown being awarded his certificate by Lt Gen Wardlaw in the below photo. Alongside is Toby Waters, Account Director at Harmonic, the 2020 sponsors of the Sustainability Challenge.

Luke had this to say about the challenge and importance of action:

"Climate change is happening and its affecting all of our lives, from the fires in Australia to increased flooding in the UK. We are past the time for thoughts and planning, radical changes are needed to minimise the effects climate change getting worse. Creating a carbon neutral or even carbon positive planet is one of the best things we can do to combat this and it will require a collective effort across the globe to get there”."

Background to the 2020 Defence Sustainability Challenge 

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is committed to assisting UK efforts to meet the net zero carbon target for 2050. However, and uniquely, MOD must work within the constraints of its Equipment Plan and the challenges posed by legacy assets with planned lengthy in-service lifespans.

To achieve a force that can fulfil its role in an increasingly contested and degraded operating environment whilst reducing its carbon footprint, Defence must consider alternative approaches to delivering its outputs whilst meeting imposed legislative requirements. (For relevant links see Key word: Sustainable Development - Zero Carbon)

The Joint Information Group Vanguard (JIG-V) organised the Award and sought "radical proposals that identify areas where Defence could achieve reductions in environmental footprint, whilst still achieving its objectives. This could be through new technologies, innovations in policy, process or procedure, or through other previously unexplored options."

The Challenge invitation was issued to groups and individuals from Academia, MOD and Industry to submit their ideas in the form of a single PowerPoint slide. 


Team Defence Information are grateful to Harmonic for sponsoring this year's competition. Harmonic are have been workign with operational Support Chain improvements in MOD for over a decade. They are helping in Business Modernisation for Support and digital transformation. The Sustainability Challenge fits well with the company’s Social Value Agenda.

Added: 27th March 2020


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