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LOGNET 20 - presentations on website for download

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LOGNET 20 - presentations on website for download

On behalf of the MOD organisers, and our own TD-Info staff assisting, thank you to all involved in making the recent LOGNET Event (12 & 13 March) a highly informative and rewarding session. Many who attended - as well as others - are keen to review the content from the presentations over the day and a half.  These are no becoming available to all via this link.   

The intent is that for each presenter at LOGNET (see Programme), there will be: slide deck, transcript of presentation and the audio as a podcast. These will be released as they come available (i.e. drip-feed') rather than waiting until all are ready.

Given that LOGNET was under Chatham House rules, presenters are being given the opportunity of reviewing their presentations with the option of making redactions.  Your patience is appreiated while this process is being worked through.

For information, the MOD will not be releasing any of the Questions & Answers arising at LOGNET.

As of 7th April, the following slides and transcripts are available for download.  More will be added as they are received. 

  • LOGNET 20_Transcript_Day_1_Session_4_Wardlaw CDLS 
  • LOGNET 20_Day_1_Session_4_Wardlaw CDLS Slides 
  • LOGNET 20 Day 1_Session 1 Support Transformation Slides_AVM Hill 
  • LOGNET 20 Transcript Day 1_Session 1 Support Transformation_AVM Hill 
  • LOGNET 20 Robotics & Autonomous Systems_Pugh & Hyde 
  • LOGNET 20_Transcript_Day_2_Session_2_Pugh_Robotics & Autonomous Systems 
  • LOGNET 20_Transcript_Day_1_Session_2_Brig Moore_Industrial Mobilisation 
  • LOGNET 20_Industrial Mobilisation_Brig Moore_Slides 
  • LOGNET 20_Transcript_Day_1_Session_1_Weetman Circular Economy 
  • LOGNET 20 Day_1_Session_1 Weetman Circular Economy Slides 
  • LOGNET 20 Grp Cpt Neil Jones_OpEnv_AHOpsPlans 
  • LOGNET 20 DLFDB Chair Intro Day 2_13 Mar 20 
  • LOGNET 20_Transcript_Day_1_Session_1_Exworthy 
  • LOGNET 20_Transcript_Day_1_Session_4_Exworthy 
  • LOGNET 20_Transcript_Day_2_Session_1_Jones 
  • LOGNET 20_Transcript_Day_2_Session_1_ExworthyOBOMoore PUBLIC
  • LOGNET 20_Transcript_Day_2_Session_2_ExworthyOBOMoore 

Please be patient, given the MOD resource commitment with regard to supporting efforts to combat Covid-19.


Chatham House rules state, "When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed."

Added: 7th April 2020


Additive Manufacturing (AdM) - LOGNET Sub-working Group

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - LOGNET Sub-working Group

Defence & Industry Support Chain Optimisation Group (DISCOG)

JIG-Vanguard (JIG-V)

Joint Information Group (JIG) Strategy Board

Robotics & Autonomous Systems (RAS) - LOGNET Sub-working Group

Support & Information Innovation Community of Interest (SII-COI)