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TD-Info Working Online from 16 March 2020: Covid-19 Measures

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TD-Info Working Online from 16 March 2020: Covid-19 Measures

Our response to the Covid-19 pandemic - in particular acknowledging the recent Government guidance (i.e. announcements made on 16 March 2020 to avoid non-essential in-person sessions) - is to move to online working practices that include tele/video-conferencing in order to provide continuity of services to members. We will revise information on our website and in emails about future sessions; e.g. providing details about online connections for tele/video-conferencing to support sessions where possible.

TD-Info’s office is closed as of Monday 16 March 2020 - with online working the default alternative.

DI20 News

Clearly, DI’20 is not going ahead this year.  Those who have made bookings for DI20 will be contacted in due course.

We intend to have some elements of DI20 represented online, e.g. to share the DI20 presentations that are available for release via our website. Also, we have plans to run some of the DI20 workshops virtually. We will keep you informed about these aspects.

We can announce that our DI’21 event next year is provisionally scheduled for 24 and 25 March 2021.

Move to online working

The move to online working practices is obviously designed to reduce potential exposure for staff, members and stakeholders, and also support wider social distancing measures that are essential to slow the impact of COVID-19. Online working is the new 'order of the day' as we endeavour to provide continuity of activities for the benefit of TD-Info members

Hence, we will be using Microsoft Teams for video and audio-conferencing. Publication of documents on our website and emails to TD-Info community members will continue to provide updates on activities. And, for those involved in project work, we continue using our TD-Info Share platform (based on Kahootz) with its workspaces for collaboration.

We will update our calendar and reminders about sessions – advising on the joining details for remote sessions. For more distant events in our calendar, we will keep them under review to determine whether, and in what format, they can progress. If you have questions with regards to a specific event you were intending to attend, please contact the TD-Info facilitator or your regular TD-Info Point of Contact. We value your patience as we coordinate this.

We appreciate that these are very challenging times for our member organisations - as well as for individuals. We look forward to continuing to support Team Defence through our online activities - and to providing the means to share information and keep you well-informed over the coming period.

Phil Williams, MD Team Defence Information

Added: 17th March 2020