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Integrated Warrior Launch Event - 10 Feb 2020; Registration open to 23 Jan.

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Integrated Warrior Launch Event - 10 Feb 2020; Registration open to 23 Jan.

ADS is partnering with UK Strategic Command to launch Integrated Warrior, the UK Defence's new high level defence experimentation programme. More details on the Event Programme and speakers and booking on ADS website HERE

Integrated Warrior (IW) is the brand name for co-ordinated high-level activity around the new Defence Experimentation Pathway - a cornerstone of Defence’s new approach to Force Development. IW is all about creating an Information Age partnership between Defence, Industry and Academia to shape future concepts and capabilities and provide the evidence to inform strategies, force structures and balance of investment decisions.

At the IW launch event we will bring together a broad community of strategic thinkers, horizon scanners and concept developers from industry, academia, Defence and our partners across government. The Chief of Defence Staff will set out the strategic context and his vision for the future of warfare, including the Integrated Operating Concepts. A mix of Defence and Industry speakers will then share a vision for a programme of scientific, experimentation, test and evaluation activity, inviting industry to integrate its R&D effort where appropriate and help guide Defence to achieve a transformational approach.

The capability leads from the Joint Force Command, the Navy, Army and Royal Air Force will also set out their stalls. They, members of their teams, and other senior Defence figures will attend: there will be networking opportunities throughout the day. Finally, Comd UK SRATCOM will also describe his new role as the joint integrator.

Contributions by industry through Q&A and panel sessions during the launch will be invaluable on how we proceed with developing INTEGRATED WARRIOR and therefore better detailing industry future requirement setting and provision of supporting insights and evidence.

Added: 21st January 2020