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Innovation is key explains Dr Jon Hall, Babcock Technology Managing Director

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Innovation is key explains Dr Jon Hall, Babcock Technology Managing Director

In an extensive and informative interview with The Engineer publication, Jon Hall said that Babcock "finding ever more effective ways to boost the performance and efficiency of assets across its key sectors of defence, civil nuclear and the emergency services is in fact driving a significant level of innovation."

Babcock International is a long-standing and very actively engaged TD-Info member, a strong contributor across numerous projects and beneficiary of the 'multiplier effect' of being highy-involved in joint Team Defence projects for the common good.

TD-Info's Industry members work closely with senior MOD representatives to set the agenda for Team Defence Information priorities, in two forums in particular: the Joint Information Group (JIG) and the Defence & Industry Support Chain Optimisation Group (DISCOG)

Jon represents the defence industry on the Defence Suppliers Forum - the major conduit for MOD-industry relationships, that is chaired by the Secretary of State for Defence. TD-Info is one of a few organisations that interaces with the DSF.

Innovation, understanadably, is a priority for Team Defene Information and its members.  The Engineer article is timely in providing examples of how Babcock, a prime contractor, is innovating.  One exmaple is with its use of the digital twin - a topic of current activity for TD-Info members who jointly produced a report.

Further instances of innivation cited in The Engineer article include Babcock’s work on the Royal Navy’s new Type 31 Frigate, where Hall says "investments in the Babcock’s Rosyth dockyard will see the vessels “built in a way that transforms how ships are built” and talks of a digital thread that encompasses everything from the design of the vessel right through to the so-called iFrigate data analytics system that will support them once they take to the sea."

Also, it highlights their innovatie development of a specialised drone - the Lua (Light Unmanned Aircraft) – designed to help aerial emergency services.

The article goes on to recognise that innovative developments rely on staff having appropriate skills and motivation, noting that Jon recignises "it’s about using technology to empower engineers to make informed decisions quickly."

Added: 7th January 2020