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Keywords on our website & recent addtions: Sustainable Development - Zero Carbon & Women in Defence

This news story has been archived

Keywords on our website & recent addtions: Sustainable Development - Zero Carbon & Women in Defence

TD-Info uses Key Words as tags that are added to News Items, Documents, Communty web pages etc. Each Key Word should enable you to find out more about the term and its relevance within TD-Info. Explanatory text may include useul links - both external and those 'internal' to our website.  Key Words are intended to advance your understatding and help you get to further information on our website and beyond. 

We provide a point of contact for each Key Word.  For example, this may be a TD-Info Task Force member who facilitates a Community for whom that Key Word is highly relevant.  You are welcome to contact them with any comments, queries or suggestions for updating/improving the contnet for the Key Word.  In this regard, there are similarlities with Wikipedia: i.e. use Key Words to discover more about a topic or term and its relevance to Team Defence Information acctivities.

This News Item has been deliberately tagged with recently added/edited Key Words: Sustainable Development - Zero Carbon and Women in Defence.  They have been added as examples to demonstrate the principles in practice.

Do click on the links below to sample how Key Words are being used. 

How do I search for a possible Key Word? There are many Key Words in use on our website, so how do you know whether there is one that fits your interests? And what if the TD-Info Key Word is not exactly what you had in mind or are familiar with? 

The answer is to use the Search function (on top menu bar once you are signed-in). On the Search page, type in the word or part-word and click on the Key Word box to filter the serarch to just Key Words; press Search and you will get results of all Key Words that include the text you entered.

For example, try a Search for the term Big Data




Added: 1st January 2020