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UK Cyber Security Council Formation Project - call for Industry involvement

This news story has been archived

UK Cyber Security Council Formation Project - call for Industry involvement

Read news about this from techUK, one of the 16 organisations involved in The Cyber Security Alliance (the Alliance).


"The National Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS) 2016-2021 sets out the Government’s ambition to “develop the cyber security profession, including through achieving Royal Chartered status by 2020, reinforcing the recognised body of cyber security excellence within the industry and providing a focal point which can advise, shape and inform national policy.”

This was developed and set out in the Initial National Cyber Security Skills Strategy (2018) as an ambition to establish a new, independent, UK Cyber Security Council (UKCSC) to act as an umbrella body for existing professional organisations and drive progress against the key challenges the profession faces.

In September 2019, The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) commissioned the establishment of the UK Cyber Security Council through a consortium of cyber security professional bodies.

The objectives of the Cyber Security Council are around the themes of professional development, professional ethics, thought leadership, influence and outreach." Source: UK Cyber Security Council Formation Project)

About The Cyber Security Alliance

The Alliance is a consortium of 16 organisations, constituting a broad representation of the UK Cyber Security Community, which have come together in recognition of common aims, particularly the desire to raise the overall standard of current cyber security practice. More information about the Alliance on the Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET) website, including the 16 organisations involved.

What Industry Support is being sought by the UK Cyber Security Council Formation Project?

The project secretariat is seeking organisations represented by senior, experienced individuals for the following roles.

Project Board Co-Chair Deadline for applications - 15 November 2019

Advisory Group Deadline for applications - 29 November 2019

  • Workstream 3: Council Formation and Operations
  • Workstream 4: Communications
  • Workstream 5: Developing the Profession
  • Workstream 6: Qualifications
  • Workstream 7: Code of Ethics
  • Workstream 8: Thought Leadership
  • Workstream 9: Royal Chartered Status 

Click on IET link for details on all of the above.

Click here for the Professionals' section of the National Cyber Security Centre website.

Note - all roles are volunteer-based and are not remunerated, but the post-holder is able to claim reasonable out-of-pocket expenses.


Added: 12th November 2019