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AI Auditing Framework: Posts from the Information Commissioner's Office

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AI Auditing Framework: Posts from the Information Commissioner's Office

Click here for the links to the following bloc posts:

  • A call for participation: Building the ICO’s auditing framework for Artificial Intelligence
  • An overview of the Auditing Framework for Artificial Intelligence and its core components
  • Automated Decision Making: the role of meaningful human reviews
  • Accuracy of AI systems outputs and performance measures
  • Known security risks exacerbated by AI
  • When it comes to explaining AI decisions, context matters
  • Human bias and discrimination in AI systems
  • Developing the ICO AI Auditing Framework: an update
  • Trade-offs
  • Fully automated decision making AI systems: the right to human intervention and other safeguards
  • Data minimisation and privacy-preserving techniques in AI systems
  • Privacy attacks on AI models
  • Enabling access, erasure, and rectification rights in AI systems
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments and AI
  • AI Auditing Framework Call for Input: final considerations and next steps

Also, you may find useful the ICO's publication Big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data protection

Use the links below to learn more about AI within TD-Info.  There is a LOGNET AI sub-group where TD-Info facilitates sessions (e.g. 17 September 2019 meeting) and publishes information on their behalf.

Added: 8th November 2019



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