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Defence Launches Radio Spectrum Blueprint

This news story has been archived

Defence Launches Radio Spectrum Blueprint

Download a copy of the MOD Electromagnetic Spectrum Blueprint from the source site or a copy here

The spectrum team has launched its blueprint document (Version 1, 9th August 2019) which highlights the approach defence will take to ensure sufficient spectrum access, now and in the future.

Radio spectrum is one of the most critical resources for Defence. In fact, all Defence operations, whether on land, in sea or in space, fundamentally depend on access to spectrum. It refers to the radio waves over which all wireless communication takes place, including radio, television, radar, satellite, mobile voice and data.

In 2015, the government committed to ambitious plans to release or share public sector spectrum. With spectrum demand in both civil and defence increasing year-on-year due to growth of wireless technologies, the Blueprint sets out three main goals to address these changes and highlights the approach Defence will take to ensure sufficient spectrum access, now and into the future by:

  • developing spectrum-dependent systems that are suitably efficient, adaptable and resilient in their spectrum usage. This includes driving technological innovation to assure spectrum access in an increasingly congested electromagnetic environment
  • effectively planning and managing risk in spectrum use
  • responding to regulatory and policy changes by proactively engaging with stakeholders

Added: 15th October 2019