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Dstl seeks industry partners to help shape next generation wargames: 7th Nov Free Event

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Dstl seeks industry partners to help shape next generation wargames: 7th Nov Free Event

Free event on 7th November 2019 at the Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) is seeking potential new suppliers to help influence future wargame development. A free “Show and Tell” event is planned on 7th November with our partners at The Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry.

Wargames can be used to explore tactical, operational and strategic issues across defence and security. Wargames encourage players to: think innovatively and creatively in a safe to fail environment; identify emerging issues; test hypotheses; assess alternate options and highlight the potential consequences of choices.

Under its Searchlight initiative, Dstl is looking for industry partners, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to help develop innovative wargaming tools, techniques, technologies and analysis. Companies need not have any experience in the defence sector. Opportunities exist across all aspects of wargame design and analysis, especially in the field of data capture, analysis and visualisation.

Dstl are offering the opportunity to access their expertise and peer review of the potential utility of innovative approaches and subsequently to test the best of these live in Dstl’s Defence Wargaming Centre.

The 7th November event will outline Dstl’s aims and give participants the chance to network with potential new collaborators. The dual focus will be on closed pitches from SMEs to the Dstl team of specific offers that may improve wargaming outcomes and on an open event where there will be the chance to present ‘Lightning Briefs’ to a broader audience and network informally with other participants and exhibitors.

For more information and the chance to register for a place at this event go HERE 

Download a poster for this event HERE. For more information on the SME Searchlight contact:

In addition there are opportunities to:

  1. Have a pop up display or demonstration stand in the open areas of the venue
  2. Provide 10 minute lightning brief in one of the open conference rooms to other delegates
  3. Deliver a pitch to a panel of experts and receive peer review on the potential utility of your offering in Dstl wargaming

If you would like to book one of these additional engagement opportunities please request further information and registration form by emailing the address above. The further information includes an illustration of what defence and security wargaming looks like and invites you to describe your idea (if you are offering a pitch to our expert panel) in more detail.

Places are limited, so the organisers will allocate time slots based on the relevance of your offer to the event.

Jim Squire, a Dstl Consulting Fellow, said: “Dstl is seeking to engage with non-traditional defence suppliers through its Searchlight initiative. This is a great opportunity, especially for small companies, to share knowledge and expertise and to understand the opportunities available in the defence sector in the high profile area of wargaming.”

The event is being hosted by The Manufacturing Technology Centre and supported by KTN; the UK’s Innovation Network; ADS, The Federation of Small Businesses; Team Defence Information and techUK.


Dstl will also provide more information on their role in encouraging SME innovation and growth as partners in Venture Fest South.

Added: 26th September 2019