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ISSue Magazine #13 (August 2019) Available

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ISSue Magazine #13 (August 2019) Available

Download ISSue #13 HERE

Another 'information-rich' edition of the MOD information Systems & Services digital magazine that features news that is pertinent to ISS customers - including Industry customers of ISS- and ISS staff

Articles of particular interest to Industry members include:

  • D&IT Update Martin Elliot, Director Functional Transformation
  • Connecting Early Career Starters across Defence - page 9; article about JIG Vanguard (JIG-V)
  • Introducing the Director of Military Digitisation
  • Protecting the Boundary - Better browsing, better protection; Boundary Protection Service (BPS)
  • ISS Op Model Process Framework Review
  • CAMS is coming... Capability and Acquisition Management Service (CAMS)

Added: 3rd September 2019