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KBR Joins as Lead Sponsor

This news story has been archived

KBR Joins as Lead Sponsor

We’re pleased to announce that KBR is now part of TD-Info, as Lead Sponsor.

We look forward to them participating in member activities and, In the spirit of our mutually supportive organisation, we trust you will look out for and welcome their representatives at working group sessions and at our forthcoming events.

Visit the TD-Info page for KBR and the KBR website for more infomation about this global company.


In April 2019, KBR rebranded. The new logo represents:

  1. The sun represents our never-ceasing operations. Somewhere around the globe, our team is always at work to meet the needs of our customers. The sun truly never sets on KBR!
  2. The globe connects the current KBR back to our roots and its vantage point in space represents our global reach.
  3. The squares represent our focus on digitalisation, which is a high priority across every one of our business lines. KBR must be able to provide solutions that meet the needs of the modern world.
  4. The colours of the squares represent the environments where KBR delivers:Sky, Land, Outer Space and Water


Added: 20th August 2019