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Council Dinner guest Madeline Moon MP

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Council Dinner guest Madeline Moon MP

Madeline Moon MP was the guest at the July 2019 TD-Info Council dinner held at the RAF Club, London. TD-Info hosts dinners for Council members on a regular basis - often with a guest speaker from MOD. These sessions provide opportunities to gain insights and to network at senior levels.

In her role as an MP, Madeline Moon MP is Chair of the Defence Select Committee and President of the NATO Parliamentary Association. See below for further details.

In the photo with Madeline  are (L) Nigel Whitehead, CTO BAE Systems and Chair TD-Info and Chris Rowley, Head of Information and Knowledge Management at Babcock International Group PLC.

Chris is on the cusp of retiring from Babcock.  His significant, long-term support for activities undertaken by TD-Info (UKCeB as-was) was acknowledged and celebrated within the event.  On behalf of members, TD-Info MD Phil Williams wished Chris a great time in retirement!

In his role at BAE Systems, Nigel Whitehead has responsibility for coordinating technology investment, collaboration and exploitation across the Group's products, services and operations.  Nigel is the Chair of Team Defence Information and a long-standing advocate of TD-Info as a trusted membership organisation, one that bring together MOD and Industry to collaborate on solutions for the 'Team Defence' common good.


Madeline Moon MP states (on her website - July 2019):

"I joined the House of Commons Defence Select Committee in 2009. The Committee appointed by the House of Commons to examine the expenditure, administration, and policy of the Ministry of Defence and its associated public bodies. The Committee usually meets once, but often twice a week when the House of Commons is sitting. This involves conducting enquiries into a wide range of issues. Witnesses, often senior members of the military, give evidence to the Committee and at the end of each inquiry, a report is published. You can find out more about the Committee and our current inquiries here.

"I was elected to the United Kingdom Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in 2010. Established in 1955, the assembly brings together members of parliaments from all NATO member countries and some associate parliaments. The Parliamentary Assembly provides a forum for discussion on a wide variety of security, political and economic matters. More details about the UK delegation is available here."


Added: 30th July 2019


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