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UK hosts S1000D User Forum 2019 & ILS Specification Day: 14-17 Oct, London

UK hosts S1000D User Forum 2019 & ILS Specification Day: 14-17 Oct, London

Full details about this international event HERE

The annual international S1000D User Forum - and Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) Specification Day - is being held in London (14 – 17 October). ADS Group are organisers and the event has several UK speakers, including TD-Info Chair Nigel Whitehead proviing a keynote.

On behalf of its members, TD-Info is actively involved in international standards; for instance, Phil Williams (Manaing Director) is the Chair of the Product Support Specification Group (PSSG).  He particpates in ASD which is the voice of European Aeronautics, Space, Defence and Security industries, actively supporting the competitive development of the sector.

About S1000D

S1000D is an international specification for the procurement and production of technical publications. It is an XML specification for preparing, managing, and using equipment maintenance and operations information. It was initially developed by ASD for use with military aircraft. The specification has since been modified for use with land, sea, and commercial equipment. S1000D is part of the S-Series of ILS specifications.

S1000D is maintained by the S1000D Steering Committee, which includes members from ASD, the United States' Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), and the Air Transport Association (ATA), along with national industry and defence representatives from most of the countries currently using the specification.

The key business driver is to reduce the cost and complexity of technical documentation by providing a modular structure with components that can be reused for different product versions. The use of a common structure also permits the use of generic viewing tools which are not specific to a software product.

Each year, successively, ASD, AIA and ATA hosts the S1000D User Forum. It is the premier event of the Technical Publications community. It provides firsthand, high-level and comprehensive information for managers but also a deep dive for technical experts – accompanied by presentations about successfully implemented use cases and an exhibition with live system demonstrations.


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Added: 8th June 2019


S1000D User Forum 2019 & ILS Specification Day: 14-17 Oct, London

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