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Future Support Services have your say by assisting research project

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Future Support Services  have your say by assisting research project

An MSc student from member company BAE Systems is researching, as part of his MSc at Cranfield University, the future needs regarding support services for combat aircraft. He has a short, anonymous online survey that he would like your help with please. Click HERE to learn more and use this link to take the survey. 

Deadline date: 30 June 2019

Background: The study examines key support services - Technical Publications, Logistic Support Analysis, Training Services and Ground Equipment - and their interactions with Service Management. It aims to engage the people that will work within support services to capture their insights, into today’s challenges and the strengths we should take forward and further improve on.

Aircraft complexity and maintenance demands are ever-increasing. To deliver better availability and quality at lower through-life costs needs continuity and enhancements to current ‘best of breed’ working practices, plus innovation through a combination of people (collaboration), process (new ways of working) and innovative technologies.

Why participate? Please contribute your views through responding to the online survey which aims to be thought-provoking for participants. Daniel believes it is invaluable to let today’s support engineers have their say, including what affects their work day-to-day and the changes they want to see to make support easier, smarter and more productive.

The report will include analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of today’s support solutions, recommendations for the future of support and how these changes are of value to customers, partners and individual disciplines. If you choose to give your contact details online, you will obtain a synopsis of the research once completed.


Daniel Smith Bio:  Daniel is a Support Engineer at BAE Systems. He has worked on Typhoons, Harriers, Tornados and Hawks before joining their support teams, including Technical Publications, International Support, Modification Support and Support Safety. Currently studying at Cranfield University for a Master’s degree, he is also an ambassador for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects in education and is working towards gaining chartership with the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Added: 4th June 2019