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MOD publishes Digital & Information Technology Strategy - 10 April 2019

This news story has been archived

MOD publishes Digital & Information Technology Strategy - 10 April 2019

Download from the website

The website page states that, "Effective exploitation of information and systems are vital to defence. This strategy sets out the establishment of a D&IT function to support this."

Three documents are available:

  • Digital and information technologies strategy as HTML  
  • Digital and Information Technology Function infographic as PDF, 406KB, 1 page
  • Digital and information technologies strategy as PDF, 725KB, 20 pages


"MOD has come a long way in recent years in successfully updating its outdated IT systems and introducing the industry standard Office 365 suite. We must continue to enable users to exploit new ICT services and tools as they are introduced.

There remains too many different, unconnected systems, of non-standard design that are difficult and expensive to maintain, often running highly bespoke and costly software. D&IT is a central enabler in the operational space and must receive adequate funding. Skills must continue to be developed in the D&IT community across defence and we must fully and efficiently exploit the external D&IT market."

In the HTML version, the following section contains a link to the defence information strategy:

"5. Introduction: a function fit for tomorrow’s challenges

As the Chief Information Officer for the MOD, I am pleased to introduce our digital and information technology (D&IT) functional strategy. It describes how, as function owner, I will lead the people in the function and their ways of working. It complements the defence information strategy, which is now being revised and updated to fully set out the capabilities we need, and the ways, ends and means through which they will be achieved."

At the time of writing (17 April) this link goes to a web page that states:

"This publication was withdrawn on 10 April 2019
This page is now out of date. Please see the latest digital and information technologies strategy." 

Added: 28th April 2019


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