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International S2000M Provisioning Working Group (PWG) are hosted at TD-Info offices

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International S2000M Provisioning Working Group (PWG) are hosted at TD-Info offices

The International S2000M Provisioning Working Group (PWG) appreciated holding a recent meeting of international representatives at the Team Defence Information offices.

The S2000M international specification defines the processes, procedures and provides the information for data exchange to be used for material management throughout the lifecycle of a product.  The specification S2000M consists of six chapters:

1 – Provisioning
2 – Spare Parts List
3 – Material Supply
4 – Communication Techniques
5 – Data Dictionary
6 – Definitions, Abbreviations and Reference Documents

Provisioning is the process of selecting support items and spares, necessary for the support of all categories of products. This chapter defines the process and specifies the data, formats and transmission procedures to be used in providing provisioning information to the customer. It also provides data from which Illustrated Parts Data (IPD) can be produced. The rules for the production and presentation of the IPD in different media are covered by the specification S1000D. IPD is identical to Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC).

Sub-divisions cover: Provisioning General, Initial Provisioning List (IPL), Observations, Codification and Structure for Data Exchange

In the photo (left to right): 

  • Wolfgang Metzger - MTU Aero Engines AG
  • Darren Dowling - UK MoD
  • Manfred Zoellner - Airbus Defence and Space
  • Giulio Schiavo - Leonardo Aircraft
  • Aad Kösters - NATO Support Agency (NSPA)
  • Carlos Lafuente - Airbus Defence and Space
  • Konrad Steidle - Airbus Helicopters Deutschland
  • Angelo Orfino - NETMA (NATO Eurofighter 2000 and Tornado Management Agency)

Another member not in this photo is Paul Merrit - NETMA

Darren Dowling is Supply Support GP 2.10 SME | Support Engineering | Support Chain Governance | Support Enablers Operating Centre
MOD Abbey Wood 

Team Defence Information hosts a S2000M Working Group

Added: 19th March 2019


S2000M Working Group