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TD-Info Who's Who in Admin at Team Defence Information?

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TD-Info Who's Who in Admin at Team Defence Information?

Download a version with photos HERE. See all TD-Info Task Force members in the People section of website.

Sue Russell is Finance & Office Manager, her role includes finance, membership management, including applications, queries and care of existing members, administration for Simplified Technical English (STE) courses and management and organization of the Support Chain Seminar event (SCS19 - 8th October 2019). Sue is available via email: and phone: 01454 410 556

We welcome Wendy Bale to the admin team who job-shares with Suzette Payne. Suzette (3 days/week) and Wendy (2 days/week) provide office-based admin throughout the working week. Their joint office admin role includes: being first point-of-contact for members' enquiries, PA for Phil Williams (MD), support for TD-Info Task Force colleagues, facilitation and support for meetings based at TD-Info's office; website admin and member communications.

Email addresses are: and The office phone number is 01454 410 550


Added: 28th February 2019


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