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Innovative Concepts and Disruptive Technologies

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Innovative Concepts and Disruptive Technologies

Innovative Concepts and Disruptive Technologies

Defence Logistics (Def Logs) Concept and Force Development (CFD) activity plays a critical role in linking MOD with the wider Defence and Security innovation ecosystem.

In doing so, it recognises that innovation comprises two components:

  1. the generation of new ideas, and
  2. the implementation of those ideas into MOD’s operations and business processes

The Def Logs CFD team is developing Concept papers:

  • The aim of these papers is to drive innovative concepts and disruptive technologies into strategic planning through evidence-based proposals to help inform MOD decision makers of emerging technologies which present threats or opportunities to the Defence Support Network (DSN)
  • The Defence Logistics Force Development Board (DLFDB) will ensure that every Def Logs S&T project has a clear customer focus, identifying solutions to overcome organisational road-blocks so that they are removed, one-by-one, across the DSN.
  • Adopting a collaborative approach, including partnering with industry, academia, our allies and across government, CFD will develop a portfolio that is: aligned to DSN Stakeholder’s priorities; addresses Defence Logistics’ short and long-term needs;, and has an increased emphasis on strategic risk. Through exploitation of the most promising emerging technologies, CFD seeks to sustain critical skills and capabilities necessary to meet the future Defence demand signal
  • Team Defence Information is supporting Def Logs with a series of Collaborative Workshops / Engagements focused on the latter’s top three themes of Additive Manufacture, Robotics & Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The events are part of LOGNET.  For more information, contact


Added: 22nd January 2019


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