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Turing Trust charity repurposes ICT kit for students in Africa: TD-Info member SBL is a great supporter

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Turing Trust charity repurposes ICT kit for students in Africa: TD-Info member SBL is a great supporter

Download articles: Trust Flyer about the charity and Corporate Donation Flyer explaining how your company can participate.  Meet the  and chat with them on their Stand at DI'19 

Edinburgh based charity the Turing Trust, started by the family of the famous Alan Turing, helps students in sub-Saharan Africa by providing them with ICT equipment that’s been ‘recycled’ from but unwanted (but serviceable) kit donated by companies in the UK. This includes desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones through to power cables, headphones and mice. To date, the charity has repurposed over 4,200 PCs, enabling more than 41,000 students to gain a digital education.

TD-Info member Software Box Ltd (SBL) is an active supporter of this charity and recently held a ‘tech amnesty’ at their annual Cyber Security Professionals 2018 event in York where many attendees deposited unwanted ICT equipment. The Turing Trust has worked with SBL to jointly develop processes whereby SBL’s clients can donate their unwanted ICT equipment simply and easily secure in the knowledge that the Trust is conversant with the need to work rigorously in line with obligations companies rightly have surrounding data destruction. For instance, the Turing Trust can ‘upcycle’ old PCs etc. that have had their hard drives removed. The Trust has collection points around the UK and its main workshop is in Edinburgh.

The outcomes are a win-win. Companies have the benefit of knowing that their old computer and ICT equipment is being recycled but in a way that gives them a new lease of life, providing educational opportunities to students in Africa. And, clearly, the students benefit from being able to learn using kit they would otherwise not have.

To find out more about how the Turing Trust has worked with SBL, the beneficial social, education and environmental impacts and how you can get involved, read the article here.

Could your company work with the Turing Trust to organise repurposing their old unwanted hardware?
For information, the Turing Trust was ‘set up by Alan Turing’s closest family, including his nephew Dermot and his great-nephew James, in memory of his name and legacy. With Alan’s name behind us we are contributing to the future of computer science by supporting people in rural African communities to become computer literate.’ (Source:

Added: 14th March 2019