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Boundary Protection Service (BPS) - Successful Testing

This news story has been archived

Boundary Protection Service (BPS) - Successful Testing

During November 2018, members of the Industry Customers Engagement Forum (ICEF) volunteered to work with the Boundary Protection Service (BPS) team – comprising MOD and Fujitsu – to undertake end-to-end testing of the new BPS IPC gateways with live IPC users.

Read the full case study here

This was done on behalf of Industry colleagues and the MOD (i.e. Team Defence). The session was a success and the Global Connectivity Test Lead praised the support with testing from colleagues at Babcock, tlmNEXUS and Ultra.

The Global Connectivity Test Lead praised the contributors:

“I wish to thank Babcock, tlmNEXUS and Ultra for all their help and support during the execution of the BPS IPC Production test event. Their involvement allowed for the end-2-end testing of the new BPS IPC gateways with live IPC users. ‘As designed’ test raised a number of defects which were required to be root-caused, resolved and re-tested in a timely manner.

The guys fully supported this, which enabled Fujitsu to successfully test (and pass) all test scripts in-scope for this week. The event wouldn’t have been the success it was, without this flexibility, patience and goodwill.”

NB: Work is ongoing with the introduction of BPS; Industry engagement continues to be primarily via the ICEF.

Added: 17th December 2018


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