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Contracting, Purchasing & Finance (CP&F) - Updates

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Contracting, Purchasing & Finance (CP&F) - Updates

On the MOD Contracting, purchasing and finance: e-procurement system Website there have been some recent (12 December 2018) updates.

This website includes the latest information about CP&F.

There is a document called ‘CP&F End to End Guide Including Exostar that helps give an understanding as to how CP&F and Exostar work together.  Access to this works best when loaded in Chrome.

On the CP&F Tool page, there are useful sections for Industry suppliers including: 

  • CP&F Release 3 functionality
  • Contract Numbering
  • CP&F from a supplier’s perspective at Release 3
  • The next stage: Release 4

Added: 17th December 2018


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