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Podcasts are a convenient and informative way of picking up information - listening while travelling, for instance - making them time-efficient too. Audio has gained in popularity despite the availability of alternatives and the internet's use of Podcasts has helped increase the diversity of topics covered by the spoken word.  See below for links on how to listen to TD-Info Poadcasts...

In December 2018 TD-Info began creating its own Podcasts - starting with an interview with Phil Williams, Managing Director of TD-Info. We are also hosting and curating podcasts, on behalf of other organisations we work with. For instance, the MOD LOGNET 18-2 event has Podcasts of the recordings of speaker presentations which can be listened to in conjunction with the appropriate slide deck or just solo.

To access the Podcasts, you can subscribe through most third party Podcast Apps from the Apple Store or Android Play. Our Podcast goes under the title Innovation&Information, the podcast from Team Defence. Here are the links:

Apple Store:

Android Play: the Google Podcast App isn’t available in the UK yet, and so you need to download a third party App such as Podcast Addict, or your preference. You can then subscribe using the itunes link, or the pippa link:


Web Browser 

We welcome members contacting TD-Info with suggestions for topics and speakers for Podcasts as well as links to recommendations for Podcasts. Please contact  or Luca Leone


The following are a sample of the many Podcasts available about defence matters.  NB: TD-Info does not endorse any of the material in any of the links provided

RUSI - Royal United Services Institute -

Voices from DARPA -

Centre for Strategic & International Studies -

University of Oxford Podcasts -

More defence-related are listed on our website secction on Podcasts - click on the 'More details' page to see them.  


Added: 5th December 2018