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Update to MOD ISS guidance for Industry on defnet

This news story has been archived

Update to MOD ISS guidance for Industry on defnet

MOD Information Systems & Services (ISS) has provided an update to previous guidance for Industry about the changes relating to Indsutry access to content on the Defence Intranet and defnet.  View this HERE.

For information, thisthe previous MOD ISS guidance to Industry was issued on 6th September; download from: MOD ISS Guidance for Industry re Defence Intranet and defnet 6 Sept 18

TD-Info has been in regular contact with the MOD, in particular with the ISS Customer Services (Indirect Customers) team, but also via the Industry Customers Engagement Forum (ICEF), the 1* Customer Board and the Joint Information Group (JIG), on this matter and look forward to sharing any future MOD ISS updates.

Added: 19th November 2018