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Common Support Framework (CSF) Launch slides

This news story has been archived

Common Support Framework (CSF) Launch slides

Download a copy of the slide deck used at the Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) launch of the Common Support Framework.

The Common Support Framework (CSF) is described as "A consistent set of simplified and repeatable DE&S [Defence Equipment & Support] working practices, clarifying who’s responsible for what, and decision making defined within a corporate framework for all domains."

The launch slide deck (Sep 2019) explains that the Common Support Framework (CSF) aligns with support working practices, simplifies collective changes and clarifies roles and responsibilities.  It notes that optimised support balances the Customer, Commercial and Technical perspectives.

It addresses the Commercial: Route to Market aspects; Simplified Forecasting and Resource Planning; asks 'What's Differetn?', identifies where governance is strengthened and more...

Added: 20th October 2018


Defence & Industry Support Chain Optimisation Group (DISCOG)