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Good Practice Study Group 2018 Research Presentations - 6 December

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Good Practice Study Group 2018 Research Presentations - 6 December

The Good Practice Study Group (GPSG) 2018 cohort are a group of defence "emerging professionals" (e.g. recent graduates/apprentices on a career path) who have mentoring support from Industry/MOD volunteers. Their focused research projects are on work-related topics that have direct relevance to them and the defence organisations who employ them.

Examples of current projects are given below. In general, they address application “digital enterprise” capabilities to address problems and open up innovative ‘step-change’ opportunities. Areas for research include, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality (AR/VR/MR), Additive Manufacturing and High Performance Computing (HPC).

Members of the GPSG cohort benefit from collaboration and mutual support from peers across a range of defence organisations as well as with colleagues, in the context of their research. Their project helps them develop research, management and presentational skills whilst contributing and sharing knowledge that is of direct relevance.

The GPSG is facilitated by TD-Info and is generously supported by a number of volunteers, Industry and MOD professionals whose involvement includes mentoring and subject matter expertise.

The GPSG programme includes a range of stimulating visits and activities that support the research and culminate in critiqued presentations and knowledge sharing. Examples include:

Rolls Royce Design Thinking Workshop - Held at Rolls Royce’s Innovation Lab in Derby, this stimulating day included Design Thinking training, demonstration of the impressive facilities at the Innovation Lab, along with discussion and support for the cohort’s projects

Williams Advanced Engineering - A tour of Advanced Engineering and the Williams F1 facility with presentations from relevant Williams personnel on their technologies and relevance to defence. Presentation skills workshop and last discussions before presentation

GPSG Presentations - 6th of December (am) These take place before an audience comprising members of the Defence & Industry Support Chain Optimisation Group (DISCOG) and senior Defence Logistics staff – a joint MOD/Industry representation.  Available to TD-Info members only - on members' website Calendar; details to be added on how to apply to attend this session

Defence Information 19 – 10th and 11th of April at STEAM in Swindon. Provisional arrangements made for members of the GPSG 2018 cohort to host a stand at DI’19 which enables sharing and discussion of their research with the audience of MOD and industry delegates. GPSG attendees gain free entry to DI’19 which provides the opportunity to learn from the presentations and workshops on the DI’19 theme of Information Enabled Modernisation

Example Projects - GPSG 2018 Cohort

Additive Manufacturing at the Point of Need - this project aims to map out a reference guide for suitability of parts that can be printed - based on their functionality. The main project focus is the Royal Navy, where Additive Manufacturing (AN) is currently being explored, but the planned decision matrix should be adaptable to other branches of the armed forces and Industry.

Real Time Monitoring Logistic Planning – this project is will explore current solutions for consignment tracking etc. used in various sectors (e.g. hazardous goods, food and medicines) and their applicability to defence which has its own specific challenges and rewards from implementing these capabilities.

Cyber security risks associated with digitisation – the focus is on cyber security risks in additive manufacturing and automated logistics management applications in defence

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