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JSP604 wiki under development - try it out

This news story has been archived

JSP604 wiki under development - try it out

Try out the Wiki via the link in this presentation.  You will need to be on an RLI connection as the wiki is currently on the MOD network.

One of the set of Joint Service Publications (JSPs) published by the MOD is on Defence networks governance (JSP 604). JSP 604 applies to all systems interacting with Ministry of Defence information and communication technology (ICT) systems.

By reputation, the JSP604 document it is somewhat unwiedy, to say the least.  The MOD has a project to create an online wiki version which aims to streamline its use. Issues that maake the current JSP640 hard to use include:

  • Tens of PDF documents with many out-of-date
  • Information is repeated
  • Information is not provided
  • Unknown relationship between documents

The JSP 604 wiki (SemantiMedia Wiki) by contrast has:

  • Maintenance Reports to assist information management
  • Single sources of information
  • Indicateion of missing information
  • Integrity of information understood
  • Impact to Business and document change understood

The JSP604 wiki uses meta data to enable queries to be answered in a relevant manner by selecting and collating relevant material specific to addressing an enquiry.  In effect, the content of JSP604 can now be querried as a database. 

At the Industry Customers Engagement Forum (ICEF) on 24 September, members saw a demonstration of the JSP604 wiki currently under development along with an accompanying slide presentation to download.  This explains more of the background, structure and benefits.  It contains a link for users to try out the wiki - this includes those in Industry with an RLI connection onto the MOD network.

An action from the ICEF session is to organise a workshop where the MOD creators of the JSP604 wiki meet with Industry representatives for a more in-depth discussion of the tool, including feedback from hands-on trialling and a Q&A.  

A future intention is that the JSP604 wiki is published on the internet.

Added: 27th September 2018


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