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Industry contributes to MOD 'Sprint' investigation on MODNET/Office365 exploitation

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Industry contributes to MOD 'Sprint' investigation on MODNET/Office365 exploitation

Industry was pleased to be invited as a significant Team Defence stakeholder to input into a MOD-sponsored 8-week 'sprint' study into the exploitation of MODNET and Office 365 capabilities.  TD-Info facilitated a pre-meeting with Industry representatives ahead of meeting with the study's consultants who had been commissioned by MOD ISS (Design CIO Martin Elliot).

It looked at Current Mode of Operation (CMO) which included a review of relevant joint MOD/Industry work coordinated by TD-Info such as the Secure Information Sharing (SIS) work, and Future Mode of Operation (FMO) which included such opportunities as Skype-for-business, SharePoint and collaborative opportunities, addressing implications for 'external partners' in areas such as policy, technology and mutual benefits.

Industry contributors spanned representatives from: an OEM, a multi-national business, a Tier 3/4 SME, a Tier 1/2 service integrator, a Support Chain supplier, a security/assurance expert and TD-Info's MD Phil Williams and session facilitator Tony Butler. 

Our contributions included references to the joint MOD/Industry SIS work, the issues around DefNET, whole-life costs, corporate 'Team Defence' memory and Industry's support for business requirements being defined at the Enterprise level. 

The study runs throughout September and we look forward to being able to report from their findings in relation to Industry as a key stakeholder in Team Defence.


Added: 3rd September 2018


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