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Augmented, Virtual & Mixed (AVM) Reality in the Defence Support Network - 26 September, Aldershot

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Augmented, Virtual & Mixed (AVM) Reality  in the Defence Support Network - 26 September, Aldershot

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The aim of this SII-COI event is to provide cross sector input to inform the digital technology aspect of the ‘Engineering Support Transformation’ discovery workstream; a part of the Defence Support Network Transformation programme.

Augmented, virtual and mixed reality (AVM) can enhance natural environments or situations and offer perceptually enriched experiences. With the help of advanced technologies information about the environment and its objects, overlaid on the real world, can become interactive and/or be digitally manipulated. The technology has the potential to gather and share tacit knowledge, in real time, combining environmental elements in a semantic context.

Agenda The event will consist of 4 main sections:

  • Defence Support – The authority will describe the business challenge, the support vision and their view on the potential for augmented, virtual and mixed reality in their development roadmap
  • Commercial Case Studies – From digital twin to head up display and immersive environments Industry will present case studies on how they have applied augmented and virtual technology, the challenge it was addressing along with the benefits realised and the hurdles they had to overcome
  • Desktop demos – Companies will have a range of augmented, virtual and mixed reality demonstrators for you to get your hands on.
  • ‘So What’ Workshops – with an understanding of the Engineering Support Vision and industry use cases small group brainstorming sessions will consider what and where effort should be focused, the benefits that could be achieved and the blockers to be overcome. The groups will then feedback their top 3 recommendations for what and where in the support network Defence should focus their development efforts



Added: 3rd September 2018



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