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Future Logistic Concepts

This news story has been archived

Future Logistic Concepts

Future Logistic Concepts

TD-Info are working closely with Def Logs as they develop their future logistic concepts.

At Lognet 18/1 Def Logs set out their research priority areas which, under the governance of the Defence Logistic Force Development Board (AD level group Joint chaired by DSNT and Def Logs) have subsequently been endorsed by all commands.

Three high level concept notes covering Robotic and Autonomous Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Manufacture will be produced and contained within an overarching Future Logistics Concept paper. These will set out the future logistic direction and the intent is to engage widely with industry to align the future logistic direction against industry roadmaps.

It is hoped that working collaboratively in this way investments can be focused with defence S&T interventions generating evidence to inform the Defence Logistic Proposition to SDSR20 and secure future funding for logistic capability.

Under current plans the concept papers will be distributed to TDInfo members for comment in September and plans for future workshop engagement.

TD-Info focal point for engagement is: Steve.Green@TeamDefence.Info

Added: 30th August 2018