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Register interest for Get the ship in shape innovation event by 19 June

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Register interest for Get the ship in shape innovation event by 19 June

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"HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH, and sister ship HMS PRINCE OF WALES, are the new cutting edge UK Aircraft Carriers and the largest ships the UK has ever built for the Royal Navy. These ships are intended to be operated by an extremely small crew relative to the ships’ size and the complexity of tasks that they undertake.

The operating environment and geographic dislocation of personnel will be creating new challenges in the way that work is managed and effectively delivered. Personnel tracking and communications can benefit from cutting edge technologies and it is not yet clear which technologies can best enhance working routines, feeding routines and organisational structure."

Areas where they seek efficiencies are:

  • tracking all our people and providing potential data sets for machine learning approaches to logistics and workflow analysis
  • schedule maintenance, connect the maintainer, information and tools in the right place at the right time
  • keeping such a large real-estate clean is a challenge. Every hour spent cleaning, is time away from training, operating or maintaining. Is there an efficiency/ automation/ novel tech for when, where, how and with what, we are cleaning?
  • accounting for people, provisions, consumption and on-board purchasing is an obvious candidate for evolution


Added: 1st June 2018


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