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UK Defence Innovation White Paper

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UK Defence Innovation White Paper

This Whitepaper (published Nov 2017), produced by Niteworks (NB: contract Niteworks 3 ended March 2018 but due a Niteworks (Replacement) contract), is titled: UK Defence Innovation – Design and implementation of a system to realise value through exploitation of novelty. It argues that “…useful insights into Enterprise-level Defence Innovation can be derived by considering the Enterprise as a system and using a systems approach to understand and propose improvements to the system. Our preliminary work has, for the first time, articulated the basic structure of the UK Defence ‘innovation problem space’, including innovation models, constructs and end-to-end innovation systems…” This needs adequate system design within a fully articulated and widely understood overall architecture.

Download this Whitepaper at or HERE 

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Added: 26th May 2018


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