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New Green Box for Team Defence - Backed by Defence Suppliers Forum

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New Green Box for Team Defence - Backed by Defence Suppliers Forum

Download and read article on The New Green Box for Team Defence

The Defence Suppliers Forum, the major conduit for MOD-industry relationships at government and ministerial level, recently (April 2018) took the decision to support a New Green Box for Team Defence, with Industry funding a full-time post to coordinate activities with part-time secondees from both MOD and Industry.  TD-Info has the role of coordinating these activities which move on from successful Green Box initiatives in the past.

What is the New Green Box?

The NGB is a construct whereby Industry is engaged as a stakeholder in the MOD processes for consulting on and assessing the impact of proposed information system changes on their output based contracts as well as NGB assisting MOD to shape significant new requirements.  It provides a collective ‘Team Defence’ perspective that involves both MOD and Industry, using the expertise and experience of both to inform decisions.

Aims of the NGB include:

  • minimize risk
  • optimize requirements setting and synergies
  • reduce costs
  • improve interoperability, agility and innovation

All these elements contribute to the shared Whole Force goal to enhance operational capabilities for UK defence.

Phil Williams, TD-Info Managing Director, said, "This is a vital activity, enabling MOD and Industry to work together, at a relatively early stage, to examine complex through-life information requirements from a Team Defence ‘rich picture’ perspective. In the context of today's defence environment with devolved budget holders such as Front Line Commands (FLCs) and the evolution of MOD's Business Relationship Management (BRM), there is good scope for productive engagement for mutual benefit. It will lead to more intelligent requirements setting with the ultimate benefit of enhancing operational superiority."

The linked article on The New Green Box (NGB) for Team Defence proposes next steps that are to gather expressions of interest from Industry and the MOD and to convene a kick-off meeting. In parallel and as follow-on, there are activities associated with enabling NGB to function – e.g. see the Precursors and Conditions section and the How the NGB will operate section in the same article.

Added: 29th May 2018


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