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Defence Support Network - Information Systems (DSN-IS) Market Engagement

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Defence Support Network - Information Systems (DSN-IS) Market Engagement

Defence Support Network - Information Systems (DSN-IS) Market Engagement = Details of Data Pack for Industry

LATEST (11 Dec): MOD appreciates 'great interest from Industry' and says it intends to run a competition for the work streams through Digital Marketplace – Digital Outcomes and Specialists Opportunities

NB: this Data Pack is being made available to Industry via techUK and ADS Group as well as TD-Info. If you have any issues with obtaining the material, please contact referencing this News Item

You are invited to read information in a data pack for Industry and provide feedback to the MOD DSN-IS delivery team. They welcome questions &/or comments, observations or recommendations regarding MOD’s approach to DSN-IS Market Engagement. The deadline to respond is Friday 8th December 2017. Email contact details provided in the document below

The information and links are contained in the following documnent: the Defence Support Network - Information Systems (DSN-IS) Market Engagement – Overview of Data Pack for Industry

You will see that it contains a link to a zip file (12Mb) which is a convenient way of downloading the pack as a single file.  For information, the individual documents comprise: 

a. DSN-IS Project Brief – please read this first
b. Management Information Strategy
c. b. DSN-IS Industry Brief – PowerPoint (June 2016) on ‘Improving MI for decision makers’
d. Defence Data Management Strategy
e. DSN-IS Sub Strategy
f. Defence Information Strategy
g. Business Intelligence Strategy
h. Detica Master Data Management Pilot
i. DLF Personas
j. Logistic Application Legacy List
k. Useful Links

You will also see that, in Annex A of the DNS-IS Project Brief there is a summary of five work streams identified for this phase of DSN-IS:
1. DSN-IS Baseline Capability Assessment for Log IS
2. DSN-IS Pre-discovery Phase
3. Log-IS user requirements, stories and outcomes
4. DSN-IS Enterprise Integration for Log-is
5. Log-IS Data Quality, Data Governance and Master Data Management

Each work steam relates to aspects of information system management and requires some support from industry to complete.

MOD will be running a tendering process for each work stream either via CCS Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework, or CCS Technical Services 2 framework. The results of these work streams will be subject to further financial approval and separate procurement action later next year, to deliver the implementation phase.

The scope of this phase of DSN-IS is to:

  • Consolidate the outputs of studies and reviews of the Defence Support function (defence logistics, information systems) which have been carried out in recent years
  • Complete the data gathering across defence to ensure a full and complete baseline of all the IS currently supporting defence.
  • Make recommendations for DSN-IS to achieve comprehensive improvements to how these systems support defence, complete with a detailed implementation plan.

This DSN-IS data pack will remain on our TD Info website at least until all the work steams are on contract.

In addition, you can download a letter from Maj Gen Angus Fay to TD-info members who kindly provided input to the DSN-IS team on its draft Defence Support Network Information Systems (DSN-IS) Strategy.

The collated feedback was initiated via a workshop held by TD-Info on 21 September – download here.


Added: 11th December 2017


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