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Assets Subject to Special Controls (ASSC) - Update on WATERGUARD activities at UKCeB

This news story has been archived

Assets Subject to Special Controls (ASSC) - Update on WATERGUARD activities at UKCeB

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"Correctly interpreting and complying with rules around Assets Subject to Special Controls (ASSC) places significant demands on both UK Ministry of Defence (UK MOD) and wider Industry. Non-compliance can lead to legislative fines, individual imprisonment, restricted or lack of access to US technology and in extreme cases loss of vital Defence suppliers.

….This JIG-sponsored UKCeB project organised and ran 22 collaborative workshops with Industry and MOD participation – see list of companies below. Using its multidisciplinary expertise, the Project used innovative approaches, such as live project testing, to understand how to establish an ASSC baseline, how to ensure compliance with important US legislation such as International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and how to share knowledge and business need with other Defence initiatives such as Identity and Access Management (IdAM).

… What are the next steps? The JIG has just endorsed the next phase of this important piece of work, with the first meeting planned for January 2017. This next phase of work will examine how to exploit the ASSC approach - and the information produced, use Project outputs to realise even greater benefits across Defence and understand export control changes post-BREXIT. The Project team are optimistic that continuing Project outputs are likely to extend further US confidence in UK Plc in these matters.

For more information on how you can participate in this next phase of work please contact mentioning this article."

Added: 1st December 2016