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Allan Webb Ltd

Allan Webb Ltd

Allan Webb Ltd - award winning engineering support services and document management.

Started in 1960, Allan Webb Ltd works within the Defence, Transport and Utilities sectors delivering critical data at the right time, right place and, most importantly, to the highest standards, including ISO 8000.

Silver winner at the UKCeB Excellence Awards 2012, Allan Webb Ltd was recognised for its Spares Optimisation Solution (SOS), which allows Inventory Managers a “Clear Line of Sight” of the items they are managing, procuring and supplying into combat theatre. Major Anna Fraser, from PMT PT, identified savings and benefits using ‘SOS’ including savings of £400k on volume of inventory held in theatre, and an additional £392k through alignment of MOD databases ISIS, SS3, technical documentation, drawing packs and the Bills of Materials (BOMs).

We offer 4 key core capabilities:

Supportability Engineering

Allan Webb Ltd will help you to deliver your requirements with a highly efficient support solution that will optimise whole life costs, saving you both time and money, thus delivering on-time and within budget, through the use of a range of activities:

• Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) Management

• Logistic Support Analysis (LSA)

• Maintenance Task Analysis

• Reliability and Maintainability Analysis

• Spares and Availability Modelling

• Obsolescence

• Training (including Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Delivery of Training)

• Safety Management (including Safety Cases)

• Disposal

Technical Translation

We specialise in human technical translation of information, such as brochures, manuals, reports and specifications, where accuracy can be critical to safety or commercial success. Using 'mother tongue' translators, over 150 languages, including all European, Russian, Chinese and Japanese, can be translated. The translation is performed by a linguist experienced in the subject matter i.e. medical, automotive etc. with the final proof reading performed by a different translator, also experienced in that subject matter.

ISO 8000 support service

This is to help create, structure and clean inventory database information at the design stage, so that the MoD and end users can easily identify items needed for logistical support and codification. Our service helps contractors to achieve ISO 8000, an internationally recognised measure of data quality, and ensures automated data exchange with MoD systems.

Technical Documentation

Our Technical Publications Department writes operation, maintenance and training instructions for any type of system, equipment or product. The department provides a variety of technical writing services, creating different types of documents, from multi-lingual product manuals for consumer durables, to Army Equipment Support Publications (AESP’s) for military equipment. The department can augment clients’ existing in-house resources or deliver a fully outsourced, turnkey product. Our team of technical writers holds a range of engineering and authoring qualifications, and comes from a wide range of professions, such as engineering, IT, maintenance or the military. The Technical Publications Department is also supported by a team of technical illustrators who produce technical illustrations and graphics.

For more information or support go to or call Lorraine Biggs on 01453 829 596

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