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Sirius Ltd

Sirius Ltd

Sirius Analysis (“Sirius”) specialises in the delivery of analysis to enable its customers to make informed investment decisions and deliver effective projects, using its core skills in Operational Research (OR), Cost Analysis and Systems Engineering. We are focused on the delivery of high-quality analysis and leverage the skills of founding Directors, together with a network of trusted and known associates. We are growing rapidly, building on the reputation and track records of the founding Directors.

Sirius provide technical expertise to projects in the Ministry of Defence (MOD), Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), NATO and Dstl, the research arm of the MOD. We also have experience of working in the nuclear, defence, space and transport sectors of the UK. Sirius is a member of several Government frameworks for the delivery of analysis and Systems Engineering, and delivers innovative solutions as an agile organisation built on the expertise of experienced practitioners.

Investment Appraisal and Value for Money Analysis. Our staff have supported some of the largest projects in UK Government, delivering successful Economic and Financial Cases for approval by HMT, following the guidance set out in the Treasury Green Book. Applied cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis to select preferred options and deliver compelling Value for Money (VfM) arguments for future investment. Delivered support to capital, infrastructure and service projects, using our expertise in OR/OA and Whole Life Cost analysis to increase confidence in financial estimates and manage the risks associated with very large investment projects. Experience of delivering specialist products such as Concepts of Analysis (CoAs) and Operational Analysis Supporting Papers (OASPs) across the MOD. Understand and work with senior stakeholders to deliver practical solutions for complex projects which often have socio-economic and strategic impacts

Operational Research & Analysis. Sirius has extensive OR/OA experience applied throughout the capability lifecycle from early stage concept development to acquisition in all domains. This has included applying soft methods and stakeholder engagement skills to structure problems, conducting historical trends and data analysis to identify trends and support concept development, and simulation modelling and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) to evaluate options and support capability acquisitions including requirements trade-off analysis, operational effectiveness / Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) studies and business case support, including benefits analysis. Expertise and experience to design and implement analysis and decision support techniques tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Cost Analysis. Sirius has a significant capability undertaking cost and risk related studies. Developed whole life cost models and generated estimates for air, land, sea, space and joint systems, platforms and infrastructure for the UK MoD, NATO, other defence organisations and industry. These whole life cost estimates have been used to support Investment Appraisals, Combined Operational Effectiveness and Investment Appraisals and successful Business Cases. Undertaking costing studies on C2 systems, autonomous systems and a wide range of maritime assets.

Systems Engineering. Sirius specialises in the provision of SQEP to deliver Systems Engineering Services to government and industry, using its core skills in Systems Engineering, Operational Research (OR), and Cost and Risk analysis. By drawing on best practice methods and techniques in each of these domains our experts are able to develop innovative methodologies with the necessary quality and rigour to support the early analysis and definition of Systems Engineering tasks, projects and programmes.

The experience of our team in the nuclear, defence, space, security and transport sectors of the UK and NATO enables us to provide a tailorable and scalable solution to support a diverse stakeholder group and community of varying sizes and complexity. Sirius can provide systems engineering support for product, service or enterprise level systems. Our solutions can be tailored for systems engineering within a managed life cycle and we offer a collaborative approach, working with other engineering, analysis and management disciplines and specialisms.
Capabilities cover the full lifecycle from Requirements Engineering; Architecture Development; Systems Analysis, Analysis of Alternatives; Integration Verification Validation and Testing; through to Sustainment; Disposal and Replacement.

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