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Gema Secure

Gema Secure

GemaSecure Ltd. is an established, UK based, SME developer of advanced modular voice and data technologies including the development of our own suite of 100% British designed and manufactured superfast, solid state, FPGA based, hardware platforms that can be used to process huge amounts of data incredibly quickly.

Our rack mounted 1RU hardware devices comprise 1GbE-16GbE and 10GbE-100GbE-400GbE FPGA based throughput devices that can interrogate, analyse and process multiple applications, in parallel, in less than 20uS per application – at full wire speed! Drawing a maximum of 350Watts

Our latest device, GEE Micro, comprises a solid state, high performance, FPGA based, fully meshed, body worn technology that will transform how “end point devices” can securely communicate with each other and/or Command and Control centres whilst also providing local “edge” processing enabling the delivery of operational objectives.

These proprietary devices all incorporate open architecture connectivity enabling specialist third party developers of advanced software applications to extract maximum performance by running their applications on our hardware platforms – running alongside our own extensive range of embedded software applications which includes a Joint Venture with City, University of London in the implementation of ultra-high speed Partial Homomorphic Encryption – providing secure access to fully encrypted data.

For more information please contact:
Graham Chick CEO
Office: +44 (0)845 345 3333
Mobile: +44 (0)7970 479033

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