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IMD Group

IMD Group

IMD Consultancy is an SME, specialising in project, programme and portfolio management, assurance and procurement support services in complex, secure environments. We put learning and development at the heart of all our customer projects, transforming organisational processes and systems, while mentoring and developing people, so they change too, enabling them to deliver real change and real results. Through our approach, the transformational change IMD brings about is sustainable and endures long after a contract ends.
Our ‘customer first’ ethos and culture is evidenced by high satisfaction ratings and volume of extended and repeat customer business. As an SME, our operating model enables us to be agile, flexible and efficient in our interactions with our customers. Minimal bureaucracy means we are able to resolve issues quickly and deploy and flex resources more easily, to deliver better outcomes.

We deploy specialists to each task with the correct blend of skills, experience and domain knowledge. Supplying resources flexibly at the grade needed to deliver the task, not more senior than required, provides the required level of competence cost-effectively where and when needed. Our consultant teams are all led by experienced experts in their specialist field, enabling them to deliver tasks efficiently, minimising lead-in, familiarisation, ‘reading in’ or ‘learning on the job’ effort. Supported by efficient, agile ‘back-office’ administrative processes and staff, they are able to dedicate 100% of their time on-task, reducing redundant or non-productive time, and delivering better value for money.
Our people are our most important asset, and we motivate, develop and manage them exceptionally well through Continuous Professional Development programmes. We ensure their technical skills incorporate current industry best practice tools and techniques, and are as sharp as they need to be through internal accredited training programmes. Our staff deliver the highest quality service, efficiently, to exacting standards, consistently and dependably.

We aim to make complex ideas accessible, our people collaborate and communicate exceptionally well, without hiding behind ambiguous corporate jargon. Their personal attributes reflect IMD’s values of Integrity, Respect, Collaboration, Enjoyment and Learning. They are collaborative and engaging, confident, yet challenging when they need to be, eager and competent to deliver requirements. As an SME dedicated to the Defence arena, you can trust IMD’s people to make your success and satisfaction our priority.

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